Product Info

SIMPLY SOOTHING is more effective because it does not have a cream, gel or ointment base. Use Simply Soothing Anal Itch Relief Wipes if you are suffering from persistant or occasional irritation of the skin, anal itching, itchy bottom, discomfort. Simply Soothing wipes are particularly helpful for the condition of  ‘pruritis ani’  ie. anal itch, which is a very common ailment.

We do not recommend using Simply Soothing along with other anal itch relief products. Simply Soothing is most effective when used alone.

How do they work?

Simply Soothing is  a cleansing wipe containing a special formulation that leaves no greasy residue.    This helps create an environment in which healing can take place and the skin can recover its normal function.

Regular use will correct the balance of the skin over time, therefore it is important to continue even after the problem has diminished. Simply Soothing contains natural plant extracts of aloe vera and finest distilled malt vinegar made to an optimum formulation. Some chemicals are added as they are the legal requirement of a normal babywipe and as such deemed to be harmless. They do not contain alcohol.

Will they sting?

Yes, for a few seconds when first applied. This would be so on any sensitised or damaged skin. As Simply Soothing cleanses and the healing process begins the stinging sensation will diminish and after a few days will not be noticable.

How often should I use?

Four times a day for a week to three weeks. Then for at least a week after symptoms have disappeared.

Why are Simply Soothing Wipes non flushable

Simply Soothing wipes are made of strong woven cotton, which is standard for a conventional wet wipe, this stronger cotton is necessary for the product to be effective. The wipes will biodegrade in time and should be disposed of hygienically, washed or incinerated.

Useful Advice

To keep the digestive tract healthy, a good diet is essential. We recommend that your diet includes bran, muesli, whole grains, linseed, info about the Budwig protocol where linseed and cottege cheese or Greek yogurt with red fruits have their health benefits explained; raw carrots and bio yogurt. Also drinking Aloe Vera : see the Optimal Health section from PROMA Australia can be ordered direct from Pro-Ma, Optimal Health and can be beneficial.