What is Anus Pruritus?

Pruritus ani is defined as itching around the anus, the word “pruritus” literally means severe itching of the skin. It is a problem that effects a lot of people and in 50% of all cases ‘pruritus ani’ is thought to be caused by skin conditions and infections.

Your doctor should evaluate this condition carefully. Anal itching, discomfort, itchy bottom  can be a symptom of more serious treatable and specific infections. These infections usually have other symptoms as well. An itchy bottom can be symptomatic of liver disease, anaemia,  thyroid problems ,lymphoma,  etc. BUT these would usually be accompanied with being generally unwell.

Haemorrhoids ‘piles’ can also itch.

A weak immune system should be evaluated to find the cause, or some other underlying health problem : poor dentistry can affect the immune system so if you have any root canals have them x-rayed.

A skin condition or allergy to soap powder formulations or over use of steroids can cause an itchy bottom.

Cases of pruritus ani are often wrongly dismissed as idiopathic, all in the mind, a sub-conscious need to scratch.

Various creams are prescribed to help the condition. They may well be effective initially but often clog the natural workings of the skin, or thin the skin, and can make the condition worse. See IFFGD recommendations. www.iffgd.org

Itching and skin in poor condition can lead to anal fissures.

Treatment depends on the cause so it is advisable to see a physician to evaluate your health.

Our research shows that many people have a chronic condition of ‘pruritus ani’ which after various treatments seems untreatable and they become depressed and believe they have a serious health problem. Usually they do not.

Simply Soothing Anal Itch Relief Wipes has been found to be a very beneficial product. It is not a cream, ointment or gel: all of which can stay on the skin and keep the area moist which research has shown can make the condition more difficult to heal.

Simply Soothing Anal Itch Relief Wipes gently re-adjust the pH of the skin , if used regularly for a few weeks,  favouring the good bugs and cleansing away the undesirable ones.

Simply Soothing Anal Itch Relief Wipes do not leave a greasy residue and are a modern, handy and effective product.

Eating Linseed can be beneficial, www.flaxfarm.co.uk  sprinkle some on your cereals or toast, or adopt the Budwig protocol, info on this from www.flaxfarm.co.uk. It is good for constipation and skin tone. When taking linseed always drink plenty of water.

Most information on this subject simply repeats the same advice, most of it is helpful but not good enough . We say something different  and our protocol is helping lots of people.