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Simply Soothing Wipes comply with EU Regulations.  Members of Medilink.   Simply Soothing Anal Itch  Wipes were developed after after 5 years of research. Simply Soothing Wipes are a cleansing wipe with properties that counteract the problem of anal itching.

People often suffer in silence with  an itchy bottom and discomfort and many never find any lasting help from doctors and pharmaceutical products. It seems that mankind has the technology to send men to the moon but cannot solve the problem of ‘anus pruritis’.

The condition is often dismissed by physicians and the patient is sent away with some cream with little explanation of why they are suffering this condition.

A doctor should carefully diagnose the patient. An itchy bottom, pruritus ani, can be a symptom of more serious problems.

At Simply Soothing we decided to make a product to effectively combat this common problem. We wanted to help people to overcome the uncomfortable and distressing condition of an itchy bottom. We have subsequently heard from many people who feel let down by doctors and conventional treatments and are very relieved to have found Simply Soothing.

Simply Soothing Anal Itch Relief Wipes have been found to be a very beneficial product as they re-adjust the pH of the skin and help the healing process if used regularly for a few weeks. Simply Soothing Anal Itch Relief Wipes favour the good bugs and cleanse away the undesirable ones.

Simply Soothing Anal Itch Wipes contain the optimum formulation developed by us and tested by two UK independant laboratories inconjunction with the Chemical Analysis Department of The University of Hull. Deemed to be useful, effective and  harmless. They do not contain alcohol. Simply Soothing has a Safety Assessment test and complies with the EU  Regulations.

WET WIPES are made of cotton. They are washable on a hot wash programme and re- useable for other purposes.

We have been selling Simply Soothing Anal Itch Relief Wipes on the internet since 2009 and have many happy customers all over the world. We are an independent company in England, UK.  We are not related in any way to Simply Soothing nasel spray.

For health and wellbeing.

Simply Soothing is effective  because it is not a cream or an ointment. Research shows that creams keep the area moist and can inhibit the healing process

N.B. Wetwipes are Not Flushable.  ( N.B. they are machine washable)
The benefits of our product are great but the fact remains that responsible disposal is always necessary.

Nothing except toilet paper should be flushed and in some countries not  even paper is  flushed.

Christmas promotion available from our website: Free gift wrapped packet with each order if you add SS by your name on the order form. We do not advertise but prefer to offer reductions to our customers,  usually with a special offer.

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