Anal Itch Wipes

Relieve and protect your behind with specially formulated personal care wipes

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Simply Soothing anal itch relief wet wipes work by balancing the pH of the skin naturally. Our formulation is based on an traditional treatment, which we have brought into the 21st century with wet wipe technology.

With regular use the wipes can help to soothe and heal most types of skin irritations, including insect bites.

Simply Soothing Relief Wipes made in the UK and tested by the Chemical Analysis Department of the University of Hull.

What is Anus Pruritus?

Pruritus ani is defined as itching around the anus, the word "pruritus" literally means severe itching of the skin. It is a problem that effects a lot of people and in 50% of all cases ‘pruritus ani’ is thought to be...

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